Humans of Montview: Yassin Bashir


Eisa Said

Yassin Bashir’s Experience Working at Dairy Queen:

Yassin Bashir, a Junior at DSST Montview High School, has been working at Dairy Queen for over 5 months now. During his time working there, he has faced several challenges, but he has also grown to enjoy working there and working with his fellow employees.

Yassin personally stated that one of his biggest challenges thus far has been a rude customer “There was a time when a customer wouldn’t leave the building demanding free things and continued to be difficult about leaving and even tried breaking one of the windows. My manager told us to get away from the customer so that he wouldn’t hurt anyone.” Yassin quickly was told to call the police and get them to the scene as quickly as possible to handle the situation at hand. This incident has helped him to learn to not take things on alone but to grow accustomed to and fear anything you fear because you always got friends that got your back no matter what.

When I first started working at Dairy Queen I was only taught to make things like ice cream products and drinks but after I got the hang of doing everything I was taught to make other things like sandwiches, onion rings, and soft pretzel sticks,” indicates Yassin. “ I haven’t made everything there is to make in the store yet but once I’ve learned to make everything I’ll do better when it comes to making food.“

As a student who has had no other job experience before this one, he continues to achieve a higher level of cooking skills he manages to quickly get the hang of the small and basic level and cooking and strives for greatness as he challenges himself to learn to make a highly difficult variety of food.

As he continues to endure every hit and challenge that came at him, he made sure to suck in his pride and always smile and taking the assumption that “The customer is always right” Yassin highlighted that “You have to be able to work well with your crew members and the customers so that you both work well to get an order correct and so they feel comfortable about coming back and being regular. ” Working with customers you never think that It is a one-time thing. You should also think about the future and if you have great customer service which would persuade them to believe that you have built a great community and are always willing to help out anytime a customer wishes for your assistance. 

Another situation where Yassin faced a great challenge was when he first started working at Dairy Queen, he didn’t know anyone there he knew he had to somehow gain their trust and support which was a challenge for him. He states “I feel like I have welcoming crew members because they are able to make jokes with new people and make them feel comfortable.” But at the same time, he believes that they are all in it together and also makes sure to get everything done with work-related but he believes that he is working somewhere he wants to work. At the end of the day Yassin started to gain their trust and earned himself the respect of his colleagues.


Yassin’s talent of fast learning and friend-making has got him a rise and the starting pay being 17 an hour to now being 18.50. Yassin goes on by stating “I make $18.50 an hour. I used to make $17 but I was able to get a raise. When I first started things were tough for me I had help from my manager to get better.” Based on his massive increase in his recent check his smiles have been bigger than ever. He enjoys interacting with customers and providing them with positive feedback and conversation. More or less he enjoys the scene of communicating within the restaurant. Yassin has two friends named Henos and Abraham who are always on time and always ready to help  Yassin out when he is in need of assistance. He is also here to support them and help them get accustomed to the new job and experience that his friends are getting into.

“I am always glad that they work with me because it is much easier to work with people you work well with because if you are able to do more than one thing at the same time you would do well.”  It is much better to work with people that you personally know because you have built trust with them and you know what they are going through and you know what they are capable of doing and what they aren’t capable of doing.

Overall, Yassin Bashir has stated that he would not recommend it because of all the hassle that you have to go through such as “There was a time a customer tried giving me a fake $20 bill. Some people don’t watch it and end up getting that money taken out of their check or they have to pay back that amount somehow.”  There is a rigorous overload of difficulty but you have to be a problem solver and “dream high and achieve your goal.”