Humans Of Montview: Ahmed

I will be talking about Ahmed Abdelatif a Junior in highschool in Dsst Montview attended the Dsst community since middle school and is proud of the progress he has made throughout the experience with the Dsst community. Ahmed Abdelatif mentioned three adjectives that describe his personality is funny, kind and outgoing which are three main characteristics Ahmed been putting up through highschool. I asked ahmed what he would like to accomplish during time in school and he responded with “ I want to leave a legacy behind that would last forever.” Ahmed Abdelatif is the Msa leader and have been working hard to put up the meetings with the help of his peers to keep every muslim in the school together at least once a week. Ahmed Abdelatif has mentioned his hobbies which involves basketball and soccer and he likes to hangout with family and friends on his free time.


Ahmed Abdelatif also mentioned the man who made him today is the way he’s family raised him growing up and taught up that success comes with religion first, and life experiences that changes you’re pov of life in a certain good and bad ways. Ahmed Abdelatif had also lived in Sudan through the Covid-19 pandemic that gave him the opportunity to gain a bigger perspective of life outside of the U.S and a very humbling experience that lasted forever. I learned from Ahmed today that throughout highschool he’s grades were his first priority because that’s what he’s family has always worked hard for and came all the way across and left family and friends behind for their success and he’s proud to make his family proud. 


Ahmed Abdelatif maintains a high gpa and managed to maintain good grades throughout his highschool years and hopes to get into Southern California College (USC) in the future for a better chance to get into IT and manage to get his scholarships to help him plan for his future. Ahmed Abdelatif is currently working really hard on this goal staying out the way and doing what he have to do to get to where he needs in life and to put himself in a better and positive position and mindset. He knows whatever he believes in can work and happen as long as he puts the work in and that’s what keeps him going everyday. 


This goes to show you the meaning behind school for Ahmed as we talk Ahmed is proud of his accomplishments and keeps on working hard to make his family proud, As an junior he hopes the future hold up nothing but success and happiness for him and he’s family and friends and also mentions “ As people might go their own way for the future and what they worked hard for we have made the best time together and hope the future is full of happiness and meeting new people” Ahmed is ready for senior year and can’t wait to take the next big steps on his journey to success.