Humans of Montview: Alya Mohamed


“I went to Lotus School for Excellence,” Alya begins, her eyes lighting up with a mix of nostalgia and anticipation. “And for high school I decided to come to Montview.” She and her parents decided this school would be the best option for her. 


As a freshman at DSST: Montview High School, Alya actively participates in various activities, enriching her experience within the school community. “I’m involved in cross country, basketball, and mock trial,” she proudly shares. “I enjoy sports, and being part of these teams allowed me to meet new people while also learning new things. Mock trial has also helped me gain important skills.” Reflecting on her past year, she hopes to have the opportunity to participate in more things in the year to come. Her involvement this year fostered a love for community involvement.


Among the many events that DSST: Montview organizes, there was one that stood out to Alya—the Cultural Expedition. Her eyes sparkle as she recollects the experience. “The Cultural Expedition was really fun. It was so cool seeing the celebration of diversity and cultures. Everyone was representing their backgrounds while proudly and I also was able to share my Oromo heritage. It was a beautiful reminder of how diverse the school is.” She can’t wait for next year so that she can participate in it again. 


Looking ahead to her sophomore year, Alya admits a mix of excitement and nervousness. “I’m definitely excited for next year, but I also hope it won’t be too overwhelming. Transitioning from middle school to high school was kind of hard, but I think I’ve got valuable experiences and skills that will help me with the upcoming year.” Reflecting on her first year of high school, Alya acknowledges the adjustments she had to make. “My first year went well, but it still had some difficulties. Getting used to more homework and managing my time was a learning experience. High school sports are way more work than middle school ones. But, I worked hard and managed to keep good grades while participating in sports.” 


As Alya looks forward to her sophomore year, she plans to take the lessons learned from this year and apply them proactively. “I’ve realized the importance of working harder in school  and dedicating more time to school.  I’m considering joining more clubs next year and hope to be a student leader.” When asked about the most challenging aspect of her first year academically, Alya admits, “Maintaining my grades while participating in sports was a challenge. Reflecting on the most challenging part of school in general, Alya doesn’t hesitate to answer. “Motivation was a struggle. There were times when I didn’t really care for some [activities] and found it difficult to stay focused. There was a lot of procrastination. However, I’ve learned about self-motivation this year and the importance of setting goals for myself” 


Proudly embracing her cultural identity, Alya shares, “I’m a second-generation Oromo American, and Muslim. My culture and religion connected me to many people and helped me find my place.” She feels like Montview is a place where she can be herself due to the diverse school culture. 


Overall Alya is happy with her freshman year experience and the people she met. She can’t wait for next year as she is more prepared. She has a lot of hopes for the future and wishes for the best.