Humans of Montview: Enesto Carbajal


Tyree Zacarias - Baez

Enesto carbajal 2023 soccerseason with dsst mtv

                            Humans of montview 

                                                    By: Tyree Zacarias – Baez 

                                                           Ernesto Carbajal 


I spoke to Ernesto Carbajal, a former student from dsst montview . The reason I decided to speak to Ernesto was because he is one of my good friends and because he was also my teammate during the boys soccer season. The reason I said the former was because he just graduated from high school just last week, proud of him by the way.  He played 2 different sports in the 4 years of high school he played soccer and also baseball. He liked both but said he always found a way to think about soccer and soccer only, but that both sports had an effect on him. He’s been playing soccer sense he was young not sure what age he started on but it was made a judge effect on him when he was younger he played for the colorado rapids academy and he would of had the chance to become pro or to become way better but like everyone in this world people do things that we regret and it totally understandable. After being a part of the rapids it made him become better not only because he loved the sport but also because he had a lot of people that helped him improve over time.    Ernesto been one of my closest friends from high school i didn’t meet him till sophomore year during our soccer season and sense then we were friends and he was my favorite senor if i’m being honest but i didn’t only become friends because of soccer even though it does have a lot to do with it i thought he had a cool vibe and i honestly messed with him a lot because he was a cool friend. Now that he graduated I don’t talk to him as much  but I still see him from time to time because he is also my barber. I feel like i had a connection with him if i’m being honest because we were mid fields and as midfielders we need to connect with one another so we could do good passes and rise up to the goal and usually me and ernesto would always be the starters and would also do a great job even if out team wasn’t trying we were doing our best to try our hardest and sometimes we would win sometimes we would lose but there’s nothing we could do about it because there was some players better than us and some that we would go straight threw them without any problems.  The reason i chose Ernesto is because i like getting older classmates opinions on things because well they have been threw certain things that we haven’t yet so basically i did this so other kids could see the perspective of how high school might be or how trying your best could take you places for example ernesto say that he wished he would of join the sports way before because he feels like he started late so that’s one great example of why i choose to interview Ernesto Carbajal.