Russel Wilson Trade Reaction From a Seahawks Fan in Denver


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ENGLEWOOD, CO – MARCH 16: Quarterback Russell Wilson #3 of the Denver Broncos poses with his jersey after speaking to the media at UCHealth Training Center on March 16, 2022 in Englewood, Colorado. (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)

As a Seahawks fan living in Broncos Country, I routinely banter back and forth with Broncos fans.  Normally with the Seahawks in the NFC and the Broncos in the AFC, most of the debates are hypotheticals. These two teams don’t have any rivalry as they rarely play but I have rooted against the Broncos ever since I have become a fan.  There have been several key moments from the Seahawks beating the Broncos in the Super Bowl all the way to the blockbuster Russel Wilson trade this past offseason.  

I remember the day of the huge trade.  I was in a passing period between classes when I was alerted about the trade.  For as long as I have been a fan, 9 years, Russel Wilson has been my team’s QB.  I have watched him win for the Seahawks forever and trading him did not seem real.  Especially because he was going to the Broncos of all teams.  I immediately tried defending the trade as I searched for an explanation.  Nobel a big Broncos fan stated, “The Broncos are going to the Super Bowl.”  The whole offseason was painful as I waited for a new season.  I had to listen to critics saying it was one of the worst trades they had ever seen. Some suspicious NFL scheduling had the Broncos playing the Seahawks in week one.  A Russel Wilson revenge game.  My only hope for the season was to win that game as it would give me some bragging rights for the rest of the season.  If we only won that game I would have been a happy fan.

After a clutch missed field goal the Seahawks walked away with the victory.  The season was off to a good start.  Now going into week 11 of the season the team who won the trade is becoming clear.  The Seahawks are 6-4 while the Broncos are 3-6 and Geno Smith ex-Seahawks backup and the current starter is playing MVP-caliber football.  Nobel now says, “We always got next year.”

With the drafting, the Seahawks had the Wilson trade continue to look even more lopsided.

It has been a roller coaster of emotions. But the Seahawks have continued to give me bragging rights.