Broncos Acting like the Seahawks Number One Fan

Broncos Acting like the Seahawks Number One Fan

The Broncos still stink.  At this point that is not breaking news.  The Giants might look like a real team.  

Special predictions my nfl division winners.

AFC North –  Ravens

AFC East – Bills

AFC South – Titans

AFC West – Chargers

NFC North – Vikings

NFC East – Eagles

NFC South – Bucaneers

NFC West – Seahawks

I went 7-7 last week in my predictions.  Not that good. Lets see if I can pick it up.


Saints vs Cardinals – Prediction – Saints (The Cardinals offense can not score points.  Saints aren’t great team but can do enough to win.)

Browns vs Ravens – Prediction – Ravens (Both of these teams have struggled to close games this season.  The Ravens pull out a close game.)

Bucaneers vs Panthers – Prediction – Bucaneers (bucaneers bounce back against league worst Panthers.)

Falcons vs Bengals – Prediction – Bengals (The Bengals keep rolling against a better than expected Falcons team.)

Lions vs Cowboys – Prediction – Lions (Dak returns and Dak fails.  You heard it hear first.)

Giants vs Jaguars – Prediction – Giants (The giants seem like a real team and the Jaguars keep losing.)

Packers vs Commanders – Prediction – Packers (Packers win but the game will be very close.  Aaron Jones goes off.)

Colts vs Titans – Prediction – Titans (Titans have  a better team and take control of the AFC South)

Texans vs Raiders – Prediction – Raiders (The Raiders are coming off a bye.  I think they are a much better team than 1-4 and will come away with a solid win.)

Jets bs Broncos – Prediction – Jets (The Broncos Suck.)

Cheifs vs 49ers – Prediction – Cheifs (The 49ers are inconsistent and can’t keep up with the Cheifs.)

Seahawks vs Chargers – Prediction – Seahawks (Seahawks are rolling and will beat the Chargers who struggled to beat a bad Broncos team.)

Steelers vs Dolphins – Prediction – Dolphins (The Dolphins win in Tua’s return.)

Bears vs Patriots – Prediction – Patriots (The Bears can’t throw the ball.  You can’t win when you do that.)