NFL MTV Update Week 7

NFL MTV Update Week 7

I went 10-4 last week.  Good week for me. Lets keep it up. 

Here are my predictions for week 8.

Bears vs Cowboys – Prediction –  Cowboys (The Bears aren’t good but they find a way to stick in games. Still I think the Cowboys pull out the W.)

Dolphins vs Lions – Prediction –  Dolphins (the Lions collapse continues.)

Panthers vs Falcons – Prediction –  Falcons (The panthers win was a fluke kast week and they will lose.)

Steelers vs Eagles – Prediction –  Eagles (They stay undefeated.)

Cardinals vs Vikings – Prediction – Vikings (Cardinals are a disappointing team.)

Broncos vs Jaguars – Prediction –  Jaguars (The Broncos suck and London won’t change that.)

Patriots vs Jets – Prediction –  Jets (Jets will win even without Hall.)

Raiders vs Saints – Prediction –  Raiders (The raiders get one step closer to .500.)

Titans vs Texans – Prediction –  Titans (The Texans aren’t good.)

Giants vs Seahawks – Prediction –  Seahawks (In this game of the week the Seahawks blow out the Giants.  Jones falls flat.)

Commanders vs Colts – Prediction –  Colts (What a QB battle.)

49ers vs Rams – Prediction –  Rams (Rams coming off a bye will have the edge in this tight match.)

Packers vs Bills – Prediction –  Bills (I bet the NFL thought this was a good matchup when they scheduled it.  Now this game will be boring as the Bills run over the Packers.)

Bengals vs Browns – Prediction –  Bengals (With Joe Brrrr playing this way the Bengals can’t lose.)

Thank you and see you next week.