NFL MTV Update Week 5: Broncos Banned from Prime-Time!

NFL MTV Update Week 5: Broncos Banned from Prime-Time!

Week 5 has finished up and boy do the Broncos suck.  The Broncos can’t score touchdowns. 

I went 9-7 last week in my predictions.  Not great but still a winning record.  Lets see if I can keep the streak alive.  

Commanders vs Bears – Prediction – Commanders (Will be close but the bears really suck.  They won’t be able to pull out the game at home.)

Ravens vs Giants – Prediction – Ravens (Lamar Jackson goes off against a super hot giants game.)

Jaguers vs Colts – Prediction – Colts (The Colts defense shuts down Trevor Lawrence in low scoring affair.)

Patriots vs Browns – Prediction- Browns (After disappointing losses the Browns finally pull it off.)

Bengals vs Saints – Prediction – Bengals (Joe Burrow wins game.  Saints aren’t that good.)

Buccaneers vs Steelers – Prediction – Buccaneers (Tom Brady outplays Piccket.  Not that that is saying much.)

49ers vs Falcons – Prediction – 49ers (Game is going to be close but the 49ers defense is too good.)

Jets vs Packers – Prediction – Packers (Packers bounce back after embarrassing loss.)

Vikings vs Dolphins – Prediction – Vikings – (The Dolphins need Tua and with out him they are struggling.)

Panthers vs Rams – Prediction – Panthers (Bold prediction for the 1-4 Panthers but the Rams aren’t playing well.)

Cardinals vs Seahawks – Prediction – Seahawks- (People are saying that Geno Smith is a frontrunner for comeback player of the year but that is disrespectful.  He is plahying as a mvp frontrunner.)

Bills vs Cheifs – Prediction – Bills (Josh Allen revenge game.)

Cowboys vs Eagles – Prediction – Cowboys (Cooper Rush hands the Eagles their first loss.)

Broncos vs Chargers – Prediction – Chargers (The Broncos lose and drop a goose-egg.)

Thank you and see you next week.