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Netflix vs. Disney Plus??

Ja'Nya Daniels

February 14, 2020

When asked the question, "Do you prefer Netflix or Disney plus", a very interesting and in depth conversation arises. To some people Netflix is their go to answer with no hesitation. Is it because of the wider variety of movi...

Side Effects of Vaping

Seth Whittington, Writer

February 10, 2020

People who vape suffer severe side effects which can lead to the person vaping to end up dead. Side effects include impaired coordination, impaired memory, difficulties problem-solving, nausea, vomiting, increased heart rate,...

A bunch of stuff that one might use in a chemistry class

AP Chemistry

January 15, 2020

NHS – 2019 Denver Santa Claus Workshop

Emily Anema, Writer

January 13, 2020

National Honor Society (NHS) is an option for students at DSST Montview HS. At the beginning of the year, the 10th-11th grade student body got an email where they could “sign up” for the society. They answered questions ev...

Winter Break

Liza Gavrilov, Writer

January 7, 2020

With 2020 being just around the corner, students all over Colorado are getting ready to go on Winter Break. Staring December 20th students  will leave school and spend time with friends and family during the holiday season. Many...