Pets Planning Revolt Nearing 1 Year of Lockdown

Why didn’t they do this before?

With humanity approaching a year total in Coronavirus lockdown, people’s pets are planning an uprising because they’ve become tired of them. And no, this is real news. “Weren’t the humans supposed to go OUTSIDE some time?” one who asked to remain anonymous said. A neighborhood cat recounts “They used to leave and I could sneak out of the house, but now I’m trapped!”

Some pets are even trying to get rid of Humans, to not much success. “I tried to bite him, and he grabbed me and threw me out of the window!” recalls Peter’s rat. Though not every pet hates the current situation. “I get more food! Why would I be sad?” and “But why would I try and leave? I like the humans, they’re cute.” were some of the contributions. Nobody knows why they started organizing now, but if we can get anything from the Australian Emu War, we should start preparing. This might be what 2021 has in store for us.