Cross Country: The Gold Digger 5K


Cross Country had the most challenging meet of the season on Tuesday, September 13th, 2022 in Evergreen, CO. The Gold Digger 5k wasn’t too competitive, only five teams competed, making it a total of 21 girls and 37 boys but the course was overall tricky with steep down-hills, tough up-hills, and rocks everywhere. Jahmir Young, Brandon Lee, and Emily Cerrillo collectively said that the course was pretty difficult. 

Senior runner, Jahmir Young, placed 19 out of 24 for varsity boys, tying with Mikias. Not beating his record isn’t the only thing he came home with Tuesday night, Jahmir sprained his ankle on the course causing him to walk with crutches for the next couple of weeks. But a sprained ankle isn’t going to bring him down. Once Jahmir’s ankles heal he will be ready to get back into running just before the season ends. 

Emily Cerrillo, a Freshman new to Montview’s cross country team but not new to running said “The race was a solid 8” out of 10 on difficulty. She adds that the course gave her anxiety because she was about to run 3.1 miles in the mountains. Emily is one of the strongest runners on the XC team; this course, unlike a lot of the team members, made her beat her record.

Brandon Lee was the first guy on our team to cross the finish line, coming in at 15 out of 24 for Varsity Boys. “I’ve been in cross country for two years now. I feel pretty great about cross country, and have been becoming more and more attuned to running every day as time goes on.” Brandon said. Brandon suggests cross country for anyone who is looking for a difficult task to build discipline. 

We need to cheer the cross country team on for the amazing commitment. Our school needs to start recognizing how tough and resistant our cross-country team is. Next time you see someone that is on cross country, make sure to give them a pat on the back or a compliment.