Humans of Montview: Mateo Regier

It is game on for Mateo Regier when the referee blows the whistle. Jumping, Sliding, Kicking goes Mateo so that the balls don’t make it into the goal. If you stay after school during the fall, you will be able to catch Mateo in the act. He makes the field feel like a welcoming place for his team with his outgoing personality. 

“As a goalkeeper, I just love the feeling of blocking someone’s satisfaction, making a goal.”

Although Mateo has an interesting perspective on being a goalkeeper, he still helps his team win almost every game. His dad signed him up when he was really young and it soon became one of his favorite things to do. Not only is he a goalkeeper, he is also a manager for the girls soccer team. The star goalkeeper here at Montview has a lot more to him than just stopping fast balls and leading the soccer team to success. Mateo, current junior, likes to spend his days being creative and going out into the world. 

“I do graffiti in my house and I like to tag my own wall sometimes.” Mateo says. 

As a graffiti Picasso, Mateo knows how to express himself through colors, shapes and calligraphy. Mateo would describe himself as an adrenaline junkie. He explores abandoned buildings, towns, basically places no one would ever dare to go. With these places he likes to go, he collects souvenirs to never forget his adventures. He would also say he is a head-on person. 

“I’m very head on about things. I’m very passionate about what I do. Even though it may not be a whole lot, I still love it.” 

One of his other passions being math and physics. If you ever get into a conversation with Mateo you will find him talking about the unit circle or the momentum and conservation of energy. He is definitely one of the smartest people I have ever met. Smart in school, in life and he is very self aware. Adopted at the age of two years old, he has lived with his dad ever since. Although he loves his family, his real family, he feels, is the one here at DSST. 

“When they (his family) show me love and I don’t like, genuinely feel it but when I’m here (DSST: Montview) with my friend, right, I get to be with them a lot more.”

Coming from a majority white household, there is a feel of not belonging he says. When he steps into school, he feels like he belongs. Montview is the place for belonging and Mateo has definitely found it here. In his three almost 4 years of high school, he would say that the biggest piece of advice he would give is “Honestly, do the work and find whatever works for you.” 

Mateo is one of the people at Montview you would need to sit down and have a conversation with him. Exploring his mind will give you a new perspective on life and school.