Humans of Montview Ghandi Omar


Ghandi Omar is a man who went through a lot to get to where he is at. He has currently graduated and is planning on attending CU Denver. His life was filled with relocation, his “parents are from Sudan and moved to the Netherlands where I was born and then moved to the UK and wanted to gain more opportunities so moved to The U.S”. These trips made him see different worlds and meet different people.

Ghandhi constant moving made him struggle. He began to “struggle with mental health problems and depression” and it made him feel isolated from everyone else. This was a struggle he felt for a long time and knew he had to overcome it. He began to go to “therapy and connected with my friends and family”. This made him feel more closer and less isolated.

Not only has he been to different countries, but also schools, “I moved to 14 different schools”. Although some might see this as a journey, which can be entertaining. It was not. His constant relocation caused him to be unable to find a stable friend group. He will constantly be separated from his friends. All he had was his family  and his “trust in god” and that god “will take me on the right path”.

He finally went to Dsst Mountview High School,  where he was able to find a stable friend group. Everyone around him had similarities and cared for each other. He became a light for everyone else, which makes it seem unbelievable that he once had mental health problems. He found the “right path” which was  “To become an entrepreneur and take care of my family while having my own business”. He graduated from Dsst Montview and is excited to see where this journey will take him. He hopes to continue to find more friends who will continue to become a stable friend group.

Although his goal was to become an entrepreneur he has explored other things. “I made a painting about police brutality  that got put up in a gallery”. He stands up for his beliefs and that’s why he made a painting, something he has never done before, to show his passion for justice.

He said people should “lock in and keep working hard and attend extracurricular activities”. “Lock in” is a term used between him and many of the younger generation. It means to focus. This word has motivated many of the younger generation and strengthened the bonds between everyone.  He recommends that people should focus and do extracurricular activities in order to find their passion. Through extracurricular activities he was able to find those he cared about and hoped that others could do the same.

One of his last words for those who are reading this is “Love everyone, fight through your struggles, be yourself, and to believe in God”. Which are all things he has lived by and will continue to live by as he follows his journey and meets new people.