Humans of Montview

Mustafe Farah




Zakaria Kharif is a student at Dsst montview. Zakaria is someone who excels in school and always strives to be his best in class. When I was asked what things you do or commit to when you’re not in school. He had replied “I spend my time doing research on biology and other jobs for fun to see what I should become in the future. I also spend some time helping my parents and my siblings with work”. Zakaria is someone who has interest in biology as he said he does research on biology. When he’s not doing research on biology he commits to helping his family with work or just having conversations with them.  


Zakaria is someone who has many accomplishments. He had spoken about many accomplishments over the years, the quote that stood out to me the most was when had said “Some accomplishments I’m proud of are being able to get a high score on all my math finals and being able to get accepted into Calculus AB. Another accomplishment I’m proud of is being able to get accepted into Ap bio and Ap computer science”. Zakaria has many educational accomplishments. Being in many Ap classes is never easy but he has found a balance between his school life, and his personal life. 


When I spoke to Zakaria about his hobbies he had mentioned playing sports as his main hobby. Zakaria is someone who’s interests go beyond one thing. He has many hobbies such as “Playing computer games, gardening with his father, other hobbies i have is playing soccer, participating in cross country, Basketball, and football”. He has many diverse interests which make him unique, and stand out when compared to others. As he said he enjoys playing sports such as basketball with friends when he has free time. Sports is the main hobby of Zakaria, and seems to enjoy it.  I had asked Zakaria how he balances his time to ensure he has time to relax and hangout with friends when has school and many Ap classes. He had said “ I try my best to stay organized so i’m not stuck doing one thing for the whole day, i handle much of my school work at school, so then when i get home i could do things like play sports and be with family”. I had followed up by asking Zakaria do you find it difficult to be organized. He had replied with “ I find it difficult sometimes when I have to balance things like school, and my personal life but I always find a way to balance my time”.  



Zakaria had mentioned his weakness and how it has affected him. Everyone has weaknesses rather they recognize it or not. It’s important to never let your weaknesses negatively affect you. When I had asked Zakaria about his weaknesses he had replied with “ My weakness would most likely be how I have a very bad habit of forgetting things and not doing things on time or a little late”. He has bad habits in areas like getting things done on time but he has yet to let it negatively impact him as a student. He has learned from the past and has improved on this bad habit. Zakaria had said he has activities that make him lose all track of time are “playing computer games and researching things about biology on a daily basis”.   As zakaria is close to finishing his junior year he has a came a long way with many accomplishments, 

Written by:Mustafe Farah