Humans of Montview Yowhans mahary


College helps students from underrepresented communities rise to have a chance in society. Yowhans Mahary is a Junior at Dsst Montview who strives to gain opportunities. His dedication made him able to get accepted to Leda, Questbridge, Bovard, Hamilton, and thrive. These are all selective programs which help students get into great colleges. He is also “planning on going to Leda then getting into Stanford then get my PhD in biological and paleontological”. Knowing your plan for the future and the college you want to go to can be very helpful, since you can show your interest in that and get you closer to reaching that goal. 


Yowhans loves his family. His family is Christian and  he is a middle child with 2 older siblings and one younger sibling. His family plays a big role in what he has achieved, since they are “ very involved in my success and counting to be open to me exploring new opportunities throughout my life.” It is important for families to be involved and open because it makes the students feel as if they have a chance and makes them motivated, as seen with yowhans. 


To do something big, you have to sacrifice something. Being a part of many programs, while managing multiple Ap classes takes a lot of time. Yowhans “sacrifices a lot of sleep to get work done early”. This is a big sacrifice because it causes him to be tired and sleep is a time to rest. Getting work done early can also be very important. Especially since it is unknown when another assignment will be assigned. This is why Yowhans is on top of his work and able to manage multiple assignments.


Success can’t be achieved alone. Yowhans knows this and that’s why he is “very kind even if disrespected”. This way he gains multiple strong bonds with his classmates. This is an important factor because your classmates can help you on things you may not understand and can tell you about opportunities you’ve never heard of. He is still able to “work alone” and can “adapt very well”.


Although Yowhans achieved so much, he still has things he struggles with and works to overcome. One of these being “nervous in crowds”. He knew that he had to overcome this weakness and was able to through the opportunities he gained, which was, “when I had to do a showcase for a program I grew more accustomed to becoming an outgoing person”. School is a learning experience and you learn from your experience to overcome your struggles.


Yowhans is at a place where many people dream to be. He is getting closer and closer to achieving his goal.  He recommends that people who want to achieve their goals should “put their family and passion before work but still be a hard worker”. This is important because those who gain success start to lose what got them there, so it is important to love and appreciate your family and continue to pursue your dreams.