Humans of Montview: Seline Mesfin


Annie V. Castanon

As she walks one last time down the hallways of her high school, DSST Montview 2023 alum Seline Mesfin reflects on her work. From shifting tables and chairs to make sure every ADL member could fit to studying hard in her AP classes. Either way, Seline has proved to everyone that has crossed her path that she is simply a phenomenal human being. 

As a founding member of the Anti- Defamation League, Seline has had “ a passion for sparking change in my community while fostering life-changing relationships in doing so.” She has been constantly driven by her “community and family that continues to drive me to pursue my ambitions, no matter how far-fetched they might be.” Seline mentions multiple times throughout her interview that part of who she is today has been related to her community building and what she has done within her community. However she didn’t always start off so community based. “A mere few years ago, I assumed the world and its issues were the collective responsibility of the “grown-ups” out there – not the worry of students like me whose biggest priority was where I’d be hanging out that weekend.” Like most, Seline didn’t fully understand the power that she had, even as a young woman braving the world that had repeatedly told her to leave things to the adults. But due to things like the pandemic, 2020 election, and much more, she knew it was time for her to take a stand. She knew it was time to do more than just that as well. Seline has worked tirelessly to not only give herself a voice, but give a voice to others as well. As mentioned before, this founding member of the ADL made sure that as she graduated, she would leave behind a legacy and game plan for the future ADL leaders. “So, my legacy is one of our collective community at the end of the day, and one that will continue to make ADL what it has grown to become.” Seline has consistently made sure that no matter what she may do in life or where she may go,  the legacy that she has left behind will continue to be remembered in the hearts and minds of her ADL pupils. But as she leaves behind this chapter in her life, she doesn’t leave behind the many lessons that she had learned along the way. Seline says, “ I’ve learned of the importance of passion, community, and progress towards making our world a better place and have genuinely grown as a leader and human being, and hope to apply all that I’ve learned throughout my college journey and beyond.” Through her time at ADL and countless hours of community service, Seline has and will continue to carry on the legacy that she leaves at DSST and take it on with her in hopes to leave the same one, or an even better one, at Yale University where she will be studying Biomedical Engineering starting Fall of 2023. She hopes that through her schooling, she can achieve a dream of hers. “In the future, I hope to see myself utilizing STEM and the power of curiosity to give back to my community, specifically through my roots as an Eritrean-American.” Seline’s goal is to start a non-profit in her home country  of Eritrea in which she can help with food insecurities and housing issues in the country. It won’t be an easy journey, but there is no doubt that she will keep going until her dream comes into fruition. Seline has gone through so many trials and tribulations, but nonetheless, she pushed through each and every one of them. Of all the DSST graduates, Seline has truly stood out for all of the right reasons. She is an amazing, kind, optimistic girl who will change our world for the better and constantly support those in need. Seline is not only an amazing human, but an outstanding Human of Montivew.