Humans of Montview: Mozes Hoy


The thought of never being able to do something again terrifies everyone. Everyone has something that they can lose and for Mozes Hoy, a recent graduate of DSST Montview High School, he almost lost something that mattered to him most: the ability to use his legs like before. 

In an interview with Hoy, he admitted that, “My sophomore year of high school I tore my Patellar tendon and during that process also chipped a piece of my ephemeral conidial.” For those that are unaware, by tearing your patellar tendon, you can experience excruciating pain and become unable to straighten you knee, essentially prohibiting you from being able to walk like before and causing your leg to lose all of its tension. Luckily for Hoy, he was able to go through two successful surgeries that led to a long road for recovery. He mentioned that, “Surprisingly the thought of having surgery never scared me. I had and still have full faith in modern medicine.” Having experience with past surgery, Hoy was prepared to go back into the operating room, leaving every ounce of faith in his doctors to help him get back to doing what he loved. What he wasn’t fully prepared for was the effects of recovery. “I couldn’t move how I wanted to. Being a physically active person, this caused me to sink into a pretty deep depression.” Hoy remarked. However, he found that during his recovery, he rekindled his love for many physical activities such as skateboarding, basketball, baseball, and running in Cross Country with Mr. Bohlken and Ms. Bachelor. And while he “recklessly threw” himself at these hobbies, he managed to find that all of this physical activity made him “more healthy.” He continued on to explain that during his recovery, he eventually found his future profession and what he would study as a freshman at COE College starting fall of 2023. “Career wise, I want to eventually become a physical therapist. I was inspired from my own personal experience of having to go to physical therapy and learning how to walk again.” Through this tremendous change in his life, Hoy has had outstanding support. “My family has been entirely open for whatever I want to do and has been super supportive.” As he starts his new chapter in life, Hoy remembers everything that had gotten him to this point in life while learning to appreciate it all. He continuously thought carefully about how different things have changed him and just how he plans on using these life lessons. “My life changed when I tore my knee. Then through personal research and a sense of drive I wanted to do the best I can.” Even though Hoy had gone through a terrifying and life changing experience, he didn’t let it get to him. He pushed through and set his own goal to change the lives of others. He aspires to be the best person he can as he continues on in this world. Hoy is a true representation that humans can do anything. Especially the Humans of Montview.