Union Square

Union Square

Isaac Reynolds, Editor in Cheif

San Francisco is known for its love of art. 


Even though a lavish lifestyle has surrounded San Francisco, art still brings the community together even at its busiest hours, people find the time of day to enjoy the scenery of Union Square. 

San Francisco’s Union Square is a vibrant scene where culture and art shine. The many museums, art galleries, and local restaurants line the busy streets of Union Square. It causes many “San Franciscans” to gather around, shoulder to shoulder to appreciate the marvelous art together. Today, a ballet was on in the middle of the square for all to enjoy. 

As journalists explore the square, we see the art wall of pigeons showing us a unique art style. The state is also known for its floral aesthetic around the square and restaurants, which bring beauty and elegance. 


San Francisco is not only defined by art and luxury. It is the people that define San Franciso as well. When walking around the square, we, as Journalists, wonder how much the people love it out here. When interviewing a security guard about the square, he mentions, “ I have lived in San Francisco for 50 yrs”. The security guard also mentions, “When I am not working around the Union. There days I would go shopping and get some Benihanas” He says his favorite to-go meal is “ribeye steak and lobster.”

Our Journey through San Francisco today has shown the importance of a strong sense of community. The citizens feel connected through the bond of their city and are willing to fight to keep their sense of pride.