1000 students walkout concerning Tay Anderson

Tay Anderson (one of the directors of the Denver Public school board of education since 2019) was accused of 60+ sexual assault cases. After those allegations were made, Tay Anderson announced he would step away from his duties as of May 2021.  But in July, with investigations still going on, Anderson returned to his duties in full force. While criticizing the way the board and media handled the situation. On Friday, the board censured Anderson for inappropriate conduct with students.

Students were outraged. Demanding that Anderson resigns from his position on the school board. On Monday, more than 1000 students gathered outside the district office. Students across Denver walked out of classes in resentment. On Friday, the 25 of September, the board is holding a public meeting. “The board does not have the authority to remove members of the board. Only voters can do that”. Treasurer Angela Cobian said. “I hope Director Anderson reconsiders his participation on this board as secretary,” Cobian added. 

Makynzie Rimpson, a freshman at DSST MTV,  said, “We need change on the school board, and Tay Anderson needs removal. We need to support those 60+ individuals who were assaulted. We will not let him continue his position on the school board.”

Stormy Sias, a freshman at DSST MTV, states, “I felt mad and sad because I was in that situation. the protest itself gave the student a sense of independence and power.” Stormy later states, “It felt good to say something and inspired me to say something about my situation.”

Students will continue to push for change as the investigations continue into Tay Anderson. Students will fight and protest against Tay Anderson. You can fight for what you believe in with organized walkouts and protests.