Interview from Kai Hicks with Ayen Yiul


Kai Hicks is a sophomore student here at DSST Montview HS, he conducted an interview with Ayen Yiul, a fellow sophomore student. Ayen was interviewed on how being an African American student may affect her at school. For example one of the questions asked was, “How do you feel like your interactions with teachers differ from your white peers?” Ayen answered with, “I feel like they often treat me differently. Some stuff that I do, I get reprimanded for, while some of my white peers don’t get told anything for that exact same thing”.

Another question asked was, “How important do you feel Black History Month is, especially in these times?” Ayen answered with, “I feel like it is very important. It always is every year, but this year is different. With the riots and the election ending it is important we as black people celebrate each other.”

The final question asked was, “What is it like being in today’s society?” Ayen answered, “It is scary and really hard to see my people go through what they go through, and it’s even scarier to know that it can happen to me at any given time. Like when I’m walking down the street or whenever.”

In conclusion many African American students would give you very similar answers to this and I think we seriously need to work to fix this, so that we can come together and find peace with one another.