A Review of Mr. Hugo’s new Haircut


Elliott Hoover and Aminab Kineferigb, Fashion Reviewers

School Director and style icon, Joshua Hugo, has recently made waves in the media for his new haircut. The entire community is in uproar and sides are being taken on whether this is phresh or nah.

It’s no secret that Hugo is one of the biggest names in fashion. His 2018 attempt to bring back salmon colored pants cemented his name among some of the biggest fashion personalities of all time, like Anna Wintour and Virgil Abloh.

When seeing his new haircut, some questioned where he was taking the culture with this one. But those who have followed his career saw his vision.

“Hugo’s style is what I would call dad-sheek,” says Elena Barth, “his entire style is about keeping it simple and subtle.”

Most people seemed to miss some of the smaller details off the cut. The slight taper on the sides but length on top creates a conversation between the new and the old, the modern and the classic.

These nuances are a recurring theme for Hugo’s look, fits like wearing a Lacoste polo with tight chino pants or an extra-large white air brushed t-shirt with some Timberland boots.

What does Hugo think of the division his haircut caused? When rushed by reporters outside of the hotel Fairmont Le Château Frontenac on his new European tour, he said, “That’s why I got it. To push the culture to new heights and start that conversation about what style really is.”

Whatever you think of Hugo’s haircut, one has to admire his courage and willingness to take fashion to new levels.