TBone Informational: Haters Gonna Hate


The following is a letter I sent to one of my past bully’s in middle school. I hope you enjoy.

Dear Hater,

How are you today? I hope you’re doing well. I just wanted you to know that I’m still living despite your efforts to foil my plans.  Remember me? That’s right, I’m that kid that you called slow, fat, nerd, the n-word, chicken, liar, and many other horrible names. Don’t think I don’t remember when you purposely pushed me in the hall ways.

I’m so sorry that you felt so low about yourself and your life, that you felt the need to bully me. However, in being a hater, I’m most positive that you made your life even worse. What’s more, is that you didn’t even accomplish your goal, you just made me stronger.

So, I hope you can live with the thought that you just wasted your breath and energy on nothing. But I am impressed. 2 years of constantly nagging a person to tears takes patience, something many more of us need.  However, in the future, use that patience for something more….efficient.

To conclude, do the world and yourself a favor and use your life to benefit. Because we could always use one less hater.


A Lover