Side Effects of Vaping

People who vape suffer severe side effects which can lead to the person vaping to end up dead. Side effects include impaired coordination, impaired memory, difficulties problem-solving, nausea, vomiting, increased heart rate, and dependence in the long term. Plus on top of all of that, vaping can affect both your gums and lungs.

There are a lot of things that can happen to your body if you vape and those side effects are unchangeable. Someone who was interviewed about vaping, anonymous said it helps “relieve stress.” If you vape, you could be inhaling chemicals like nickel, tin, and diacetyl which is one of the main causes of lung problems. Another anonymous person said that they don’t care what happens to them, they just want a way to make themselves “feel good” and enjoy themselves when they are “feeling stressed or depressed.”

It has been researched to find out that doctors know that people who smoke flavored vape pens are more likely going to smoke tobacco which is worse for the lungs. What vaping does to the lungs is a different story. Vaping can cause serious lung disorders.

If you vape too much, you can get something called popcorn lung which is a scarring of the tiny air sacs in the lungs resulting in the thickening and narrowing of the airways. These are the effects of vaping. One last anonymous person after hearing this said: “I think to step away from this type of stuff.” If you’re someone who vapes, I recommend that you stop right away because if you don’t learn anything from this, you will be somewhere where you don’t want to be. Take my word for it, it’ll help you in the long run.


These are one of the few things that can happen if you vape to much. You could end up in a hospital running all kinds of tests because of the chemicals vaping can but in you.

Like I said before, vaping can do a lot of damage to your lungs. Vaping can cause your lungs to go black and cause serious problems like loss of breath, cancer, and start making people who vape start cigarettes.