Trump’s Impeachment


Zaydee Murray, Writer

Trump’s Impeachment


December 18th, 2019, was the evening that President Trump was impeached. Up to this point, there have been many hearings for many weeks.  All day, the representatives of the house were debating on impeachment. There are 2 articles of impeachment, abuse of power and obstruction of congress.  Both votes took 5-minutes each.

It appeared that all republicans were going to vote no and all democrats were voting yes to both articles.  Once the vote was counted on article one “abuse of power”, they announced that the vote was 221 for impeachment and 169 not to impeach. For the 2nd article “obstruction of justice”, the vote results were 229 voting for impeachment while the 198 was not.

Now that the House has impeached him, the next step is an impeachment trial in the senate. On the news, democrats announced they are going to wait to agree on the trial rules because they need people from the Executive Branch that have first-hand knowledge and work directly with President Trump to testify. Thus far, President Trump has blocked the Executive Branch employees from testifying or giving any documents; which is against the constitution. This is obvious obstruction of congress, hence the 2nd article of impeachment. Basically, democrats don’t believe a trial without witnesses would be constructive or fair.

Now since the holiday break is beginning for the representatives and senators, these decisions regarding the senate trial are unclear. So, the senators and representatives will not know what the rules will be for the senate impeachment trial or when and if it will proceed.

In my opinion, and as the law states in the constitution, all three branches of government are considered equal. Despite this being the rule, President Trump has continuously blocked Congress from receiving documents and his employees to testify from the Executive Branch. This is claiming Executive Privilege and is an important reason for his impeachment.



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Zaydee Murray