Being Late is a Global Problem In Our Society

Brhanemeskel Tsegazab

The National Education for Statistics indicates that student tardiness occurs at a rate of 3.3% to 9.5% each day for all students in kindergarten through grade twelve. It is a clear major problem for society, Not only do students lose valuable educational instruction when they arrive late, but they disrupt the educational environment and distract others who are in the class. Not only is this a problem in school but also in work, nearly 30 percent of all American are late to work each day.

Tardiness Is A Global Problem (

The importance of being on time is that you will be valued for arriving to work early or on time and that can highlight your trustworthiness and reliability as an employee or a student. Continually being on time will help show that you meet the standards of professionalism. That will help you have a higher chance of getting a better job or better college if you are still in school. This is a global problem in our society today because there are many parents complaining to schools why their students are constantly being marked late even though the parents get their students to school early or on time.

This global problem can be solved by waking up early changing, brushing and eating breakfast and making sure you have a way to get to your school or job. For example, if you don’t have a car you have to make sure either a friend and or a family members is taking you to your desired destination. You have to be prepared and if you are going to be late or absent you have to make you give a call to let your teacher or manger know beforehand.

Overall, the purpose of my story is to inform and address to the public what the global problem is in our society today and how we can make changes to fix our problem because they have come to almost every parents and together we can do our best to fix our global problems such as this one