The Increase of Gun violence and how to solve it


Brendan McDermid

On may 19 2022 Payton S. Gendron kills 10 people in a live stream. The killings happened in a supermarket which was in a Black neighborhood.

Henok Kussamo

A big global problem we have in our society is gun violence. When people hear about a shooting they just look past it and I do not blame them because it became natural in our society but this needs to change. Even schools aren’t safe anymore since there are school shootings and many children have died from these school shootings. As a student  it makes me worry that I would experience this or even my children. It also makes me worry about how the future is going to turn out because people are going to keep equipping themselves with more weapons to harm people. It would come to the point where everyone has a strong weapon and are going to keep utilizing it when they feel some type of discomfort.     

       There are many causes of gun violence but one of the biggest causes of this problem is how easy it is to get a weapon. In most places you could get a weapon at the age of 18. The belief that a person is a grown adult as soon as they turn 18 is very unrealistic. I would say that having a gun is more of a privilege than letting someone drink alcohol, and yet people are able to have a weapon at the age of 18 and not be able to drink until the age of 21. Realistically I think that this should change to the age of 25 because it is said that the brain is fully developed at that age. Plus when having the responsibility of having a weapon it comes down to maturity and people are more likely to be mature at the age of 25 than at the age of 18 in which you just left Highschool. Also, when people get a weapon they shouldn’t be allowed to receive very strong weapons like AR’s because weapons are used for self defense but an AR is too dramatic. I know making these changes might take a while but it would bring us closer to getting rid of gun violence.