Manzana sobre Naranjas Podcast

As the end of trimester 1 is ending at our school, which means final exams are nearing closer each day. This episode is being hosted by Annie, Karina, and Lizeth where we will be talking about our thoughts on finals. It won’t be of much of an exciting topic but it is still something we can talk about on and give our opinions on. Good luck to everyone taking finals soon!

Manzana sobre Naranjas Podcast is hosted by Annie, Lizeth, Karina, Monica, and Melissa. It will be a podcast hosted by juniors mainly where we just talk about opinions on certain things or even talk about specific topics on the world. It can be about holidays, history, or anything with science. Just about anything we can talk about and give our opinion about or tell stories. Come join in and listen to our podcast! We will invite guests as episodes go by.