War in Kashmir

Kashmir has been an area disputed between India, Pakistan, and  China ever since the British left India, and partitioned it between India and Pakistan, with the majority of it going to India because a Hindu Leader had always ruled it despite the majority being Muslim.

 In the late 80’s There was a movement for Kashmiri independence which would lead to it joining Pakistan. During this independence movement, the Kashmiri Muslims aimed to “purify Kashmir” by kicking out all the Hindus, at the time there was a chant called “Ralib Galib Chalib” which translates to Convert, Leave, or Die. Due to this, there was a mass “Exodus” which was truly a Genocide carried out by the Kashmiri Muslims sparing none, they never showed mercy not to children, nor to Women. The Kashmiri Muslims took Hindu women, forced them to convert to Islam, and forced them to marry Muslim Men. To this day, this Genocide has been very rarely or even never covered by western media. 

India has based its claim on the fact that Kashmir has historically always been an Indian territory. Pakistan has based its claim on the fact that a majority of the people living in Kashmir are Muslims. Then China claims that Kashmir/“Aksai Chin” is part of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region and Tibet Autonomous Region.