Senior Spotlight | Ebenezer Shibatu

Kai Hicks, Amariyana Norris, and Zeke Trujillo

Q: How was your first year at DSST?
A: “It was ok, good at best. I came to DSST my 8th grade and it was really hard to adjust. New work, new people, and just a whole new culture.”


Q: How has your experience changed from your first year to your last year at DSST?
A: “I feel like I have more confidence and am able to handle a lot of things that are thrown at me. I just feel more prepared to go out into the world on my own.”


Q: How do you expect your senior year to go?

A:” I expect work to be hard but for things to be more fun because you know as you get older you can do more.”


Q: Favorite memory through your high school experience?
A: “ONE of my favorite memories is my sophomore year when the varsity basketball team made it to the Final Four and I went to the game at the University of Denver. The atmosphere was so hype and you could barely hear anything. We ended up losing that game, but still a great experience.”


Q: Do you feel prepared for college?
A:”Kind of but there are many options and I wanna chose the one that’s best for me”


Q: What are you looking forward to after high school?
A:”Im looking forward to hopefully going out of state and experience something different”