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Titus Ramsey
Titus Ramsey is a sophomore who attends DSST Montview in Denver, Colorado.  Being a perfectionist, Titus tries to stay on top of all his grades, and at times can focus too much on a "low B". However, when not fusing about how every grade is not at least an A, Titus loves to draw. Whether it be Pokemon or just made up characters, this artist can't resist the urge to pick up a pencil. Titus also likes the occasional study of speculative evolution (the study of how organisms could have evolved via different circumstances). This is why he is often called a nerd, as Titus tends to search up every question he has. This "geek" doesn't mind this however, as he firmly believes that every CEO is a nerd of some kind.

Titus Ramsey, Writer

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Titus Ramsey