2019-2020 Staff

Staff Member Staff Position
Maxwell Parker CEO/Lead Design See Maxwell Parker’s profile
See Maxwell Parker’s profile
Cherish Wheeler Writer See Cherish Wheeler’s profile
See Cherish Wheeler’s profile
Santiago Hernandez Left Hand Man See Santiago Hernandez’s profile
See Santiago Hernandez’s profile
Daishawn Salazar Photographer/Writer See Daishawn Salazar’s profile
See Daishawn Salazar’s profile
Jayla Toledo Writer See Jayla Toledo’s profile
See Jayla Toledo’s profile
Leslie Marrufo Writer See Leslie Marrufo’s profile
See Leslie Marrufo’s profile
Aija Gilmore Writer See Aija Gilmore’s profile
See Aija Gilmore’s profile
Elliott Hoover and Aminab Kineferigb Writers See Elliott Hoover and Aminab Kineferigb’s profile
See Elliott Hoover and Aminab Kineferigb’s profile
Keith Watkins Writer See Keith Watkins’s profile
See Keith Watkins’s profile
Abi Machorro Writer See Abi Machorro’s profile
See Abi Machorro’s profile
Tsige Kaufman Writer See Tsige Kaufman’s profile
See Tsige Kaufman’s profile
Jayla Janessa Toledo Writer See Jayla Janessa Toledo’s profile
See Jayla Janessa Toledo’s profile
William Parson Writer See William Parson’s profile
See William Parson’s profile
Aminab Kineferigb Writer See Aminab Kineferigb’s profile
See Aminab Kineferigb’s profile
Domenic Espinoza Writer See Domenic Espinoza’s profile
See Domenic Espinoza’s profile
Isaiah Miller Writer See Isaiah Miller’s profile
See Isaiah Miller’s profile
Leah Moore Parson Comic Artist See Leah Moore Parson’s profile
See Leah Moore Parson’s profile
Sage Jones Writer See Sage Jones’s profile
See Sage Jones’s profile
Liza Gavrilov Writer See Liza Gavrilov’s profile
See Liza Gavrilov’s profile
Mabior Mabior Writer See Mabior Mabior’s profile
See Mabior Mabior’s profile
Shaaim, Graham Writer See Shaaim, Graham’s profile
See Shaaim, Graham’s profile
Trevor Fai Writer See Trevor Fai’s profile
See Trevor Fai’s profile
Zach Coy Writer See Zach Coy’s profile
See Zach Coy’s profile
Lawrence G. Gonzales Writer See Lawrence G. Gonzales’s profile
See Lawrence G. Gonzales’s profile
Elliott Hoover Writer See Elliott Hoover’s profile
See Elliott Hoover’s profile
Sawsan Haran Writer See Sawsan Haran’s profile
See Sawsan Haran’s profile
Samir Dherar Writer See Samir Dherar’s profile
See Samir Dherar’s profile
Ben McCall Writer See Ben McCall’s profile
See Ben McCall’s profile
Seth Whittington Writer See Seth Whittington’s profile
See Seth Whittington’s profile
Emily Anema Writer See Emily Anema’s profile
See Emily Anema’s profile
Zaydee Murray Writer See Zaydee Murray’s profile
See Zaydee Murray’s profile
Titus Ramsey Writer See Titus Ramsey’s profile
See Titus Ramsey’s profile
Larry Babe Knox Writer See Larry Babe Knox’s profile
See Larry Babe Knox’s profile
Elliot Bowen Writer See Elliot Bowen’s profile
See Elliot Bowen’s profile
Mateo Ruby Writer See Mateo Ruby’s profile
See Mateo Ruby’s profile
Phoebe Marin Writer See Phoebe Marin’s profile
See Phoebe Marin’s profile
Delilah Maestas Writer See Delilah Maestas’s profile
See Delilah Maestas’s profile
Ja'Nya Daniels Writer See Ja'Nya Daniels’s profile
See Ja'Nya Daniels’s profile
Nevaeh Barlow Writer See Nevaeh Barlow’s profile
See Nevaeh Barlow’s profile
Ariel Sanchez Writer See Ariel Sanchez’s profile
See Ariel Sanchez’s profile
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