Winter Break

Liza Gavrilov , witer

With 2020 being just around the corner, students all over Colorado are getting ready to go on Winter Break. Staring December 20th students  will leave school and spend time with friends and family during the holiday season.

Many students have finals during this week so a break from school will be nice for the next two weeks. Sophomore Elliana Luna from TJHS will be going skiing with her friend in winter park. “I am very excited to get a break from school,” she says. She hasn’t been skiing in a while and isn’t very good at it either but she enjoys learning more every time she goes.

Ellie will be enjoying the time in the white snow while Aviva, who is also from TJ, will be enjoying her break on the white, sandy beaches of Mexico. She says, “After finals I am very excited to get tan in Mexico.” She will also be spending New Years in Mexico with her family.

Not only will Aviva go to Mexico but Louis Chaiken is going to Cozumel, Mexico also with his family for break.

Students all over the district recently had their Thanksgiving break two weeks ago. But after being at school for 3 weeks, students are looking forward to leaving school again.

As well as Christmas, the New Year will also be celebrated by many during the break. Asking a few people around the school Ava Pelster says, “I will be going up to the mountains with friends.” Ava has been spending lots of time with her friends during the holiday season and really is looking forward to leaving the city and spending a week up in wild for New Years.

In two weeks students will be returning to classrooms in January 2020. Finals will be coming up soon after that so they will have to get back onto the school grind very quickly.