Remembering Gen Z’s Fallen Ones


XXXTentacion, Juice Wrld, Lil Peep

Shaaim, Graham

Over the past two years we have lost some of our best artist at a young age like XXXTentacion, Lil Peep, Mac Miller and just recently Juice Wrld dying to a seizure the cause of the seizure is of a overdose on Xanx. Most of these artist died form something  drug related with the exception of XXXTentacion he was killed my a gun in his car in Florida his home state.

Lil Peep was the first artist to go that release music that applied to the younger generation his music was mostly sad music that people listen to when they weren’t in the best mood there was not mean people that i talk to that really listen to his music before he died but after they gave it a listen and said that it wasn’t that bad.

The next person to died was XXXTentacion also known as X dying of a fatal head wound inflicted by a gun shot dying eight months and three days later X was most known for his sad music with his first professional album 17 dropping August 25, 2017 but the people that listen to him before that were most filmier with his music that he dropped on soundcloud. Like “Look at me” and “I spoke to the devil in Miami, he said everything would be fine.”

Khashem Graham said that “X’s music was really good for a party to get hype”