Opinion- Should Schools Start Later in the Day?

William Parson

I think schools should start later in the day. I think this because there are students with different things going on in life that could prevent them from coming in on time. Such as not having a car so then they would have to ride a bike or walk to school.  If schools do push back the starting time, then kids are more likely to come to school on time. If kids get more time to sleep in the morning, there will be less late kids so they have enough time to get up in the morning.

Another reason schools should start later is that kids might not be able to get enough sleep at night so they need more time for it. These reason could include work depending on what grade you’re in. In High school a lot of kids might have jobs so they need time to sleep at night or they might not bring their best to school. This could result in bad work at school. If that happens a school’s overall rate could be affected and brought down in the network.