Humans of Montview: Alan Valenzuela

Monica Espinoza

Everyone’s school year goes by a little differently, I can say that junior year was the hardest but all juniors now got to prepare for senior year. Alan Valenzuela a junior at DSST Montview high school tells me about his journey as a junior and how he feels about being a future senior of 2024. In an interview I did with Alan, I asked “During your junior year did you face any personal problems if so how did it affect you and how did you face it, what were you feeling at the time?” He says, “One personal problem I had was definitely trying to manage my life problems and school problems and on top of that working at my job I felt like I had no time for myself or others, I wasn’t really able to balance it all at once.” I could say the same as trying to balance school, work and your personal life can be pretty difficult, especially as a teen that is just trying to enjoy life while we are still young.”What are you looking forward to in your senior year, and how excited are you? quote, “I am actually pretty excited for senior year, and I’m looking forward to being done with high school, finishing strong basically.” I think finishing high school on a strong note is something we all hope for! “what do you think your best academic still was this year? quote, “I think my best academic is history because I was able to memorize a lot of the topics we went over this year, it was quite interesting with Mr. Daniel and Ms. Bachelor” For those that don’t know Mr. Daniel or Ms. Bachelor they were our junior year U.S History teachers and they were the absolute best! “What were some academic regrets this year?” quote, “An academic regret I had was probably not taking any AP classes I feel like they would have really helped me out and I could have learned many more things.” I can agree! AP classes are very helpful, and although they do require a bit more work it’s definitely worth it. “What are your strengths and weakness when it comes to school?” quote, “One strength I would say I have is socializing with people and a weakness I have is would probably say that it’s time management.” Time management is super important in high school especially going to be junior or senior. “What do you think will be a challenge you’ll face as a senior next year?” quote, ” I think I will face trying to manage school and my personal life, and trying to manage stress.” I can agree with this as well trying to manage many things at once can be quite stressful and sometimes lack on one thing when focusing on the other, best to take things slow! “Where do you hope to improve your senior year,” he says “Something I really hope on improving next year would be turning in assignments on time so that I’m not rushing through everything last minute.” Junior year was very overwhelming for many myself included and I can agree that rushing through to turn in missing assignments last minute is very stressful it is best to keep track of assignments and check when work needs to be turned in.”How do you plan on becoming successful senior year?” quote, “I plan on hopefully going to college and studying stuff I like.” Pretty much everyone wants the same! “Where do you see yourself in the future?” quote, ” I see myself in college hopefully! not too sure where I just know I want to see my future self in college.” The last question I asked Alan was, “What advice would you give upcoming juniors?” he says, “Some advice I would give juniors is to take AP classes and to keep track of time when it comes to turning in missing assignments, and just good luck in general.” I would give the same advice staying on track with assignments is key and I would also add to study is very important and will help you out a lot. Alan is hard work student and works very hard to manage many tasks such as school, work, and just life. Alan truly represents the humans of Montview.