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By: Vaughn N. and Patrick S. January 28, 2022


Tuesday should’ve been a snow day!

We all woke up on a Tuesday morning only to remember that there was school. Then we looked out the window and our hopes jumped up because it was snowing! The thoughts of a snow day rushed our minds, then we found out that we still had to go to school. We came to school if we could make it because the roads were so slick. Teachers and students couldn’t show up today due to the snow, mind you that is the main cause for calling a snow day. There were not enough subs to cover classes so Mrs. Burgos’s humanities and Mr. Lewis’s Pre calculus classes had to be put in the same room with one sub to cover both classes due to the snow. Some students wanted their voices to be heard in this matter so they spoke up. A student from the middle school was enraged and said, “It was such a bad day. First you have to go to school in horrid weather, then you have a boring day because the snow cancelled many things.” A student from the high school said, “Even my parents wanted, and expected, a snow day and they don’t even go to school.” This day of school should’ve been canceled, and since the students thought that they deserved a day off they thought that Wednesday should give them a day off because it was sure to be slicker the next day. But No! This is an outrageous  act from DPS, and frankly a dangerous decision to send people off into the treacherous weather. 


Teens Build Bus Stop Shelter for 5-Year-old Wheelchair User, Protecting Him From Harsh Weather.

5 year old Ryder Killam has had to battle rain, wind, and snow for about 15 minutes every day, using only a patio umbrella as protection.  After hearing about his problem, local students in Bradford, Rhode Island, got working and built him his own bus shelter for the bottom of his driveway during their construction lessons so he could stay safe and dry while waiting for his bus. Ryder’s father Tim said, “Ryder uses it every day before school and his nurses wait inside it every day while they wait for his return home.” “He even likes to hang out in it as a fort sometimes” This project has brought their community together and shows that there is still some good in this ever changing world. We encourage you, our readers and everyone else, to do good deeds for your communities and others to help make this world a better place.


Putin and Russia invading Ukraine? 

I’m sure you all have heard about Putin wanting to invade Ukraine. The good news about this is that we are safe from this, Putin has done things like this in the past and it is not unlike him to do it again. A student from our school even said, “No reason to worry, I mean this has nothing to do with America and even if it did we are well protected by our military.” We all have heard this and the question you probably are asking is, “Why?” Well no one knows exactly why because of Putin’s secretiveness and lying. But he is saying he wants to invade for two reasons. The first is that, “Mr. Putin is seeking to redraw the post-Cold War boundaries of Europe, establishing a broad, Russian-dominated security zone and drawing Ukraine back into Moscow’s orbit by force, if necessary.” In my opinion and I’m sure yours too, this is a very unreasonable reason to invade another country. The second reason is that Putin is blaming Ukraine and the US for joining an alliance together. But many don’t understand how that made Putin want to invade Ukraine. Though he is having second thoughts about invading Ukraine because of threats to cut off tech exports to Russia and threats of  swift, severe, and united responses. Many theories have come up because most people realize that Putin is just pumping out as many excuses as possible to cover up the real reason he has the desire to invade the bordering country. We will eventually find out the reason when the dust settles and will bring clarity to the situation. 

Thank you all for reading along and we hope this inspired you to do a good deed, taught you something you didn’t know, or made you feel like your ideas are backed up by the community. As always, have a great day, enjoy yourselves and we’ll see you next time. 



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