Esports update

Esports update

Esports Update


By: Vaughn N. and Patrick S. January 21, 2022


E-sports club wants to offer the use of Esports discord server for students who want to find players for any other game, at any time. Mr. Dressel is  looking for people interested in competing in Super Smash Bros. every Wednesday starting February.

The server is abuzz with memes and fun/trashposting

E- sports has slowed down a bit with the past holidays but should be picking back up very quickly in the coming month but Mr. Dressel is excited to announce that Smash Ultimate will be joining Rocket League in the upcoming Spring Season!  Preseason starts the beginning of February, so he needs to get some players enrolled ASAP!  Come by room 139 at lunch on Friday for more information on how to get involved

 If you feel at all interested in ESports, ask around, and get to know Mr. Dressel and other members of the team.

A member of the Rocket league team said, “I promise that you will have an enjoyable experience here.” The more people that show up will give you a more enjoyable experience. Another quote from a member of the team, “We are so excited for Super Smash Bros and Rocket league is still doing great.” The assistant coach even said, “ Esports is quite enjoyable, however, like most sports, its as enjoyable as you make it to be, for some it can be the time of their life! for others it can seem like a chore, (I personally really enjoy our team and rocket league!)We think that you will really enjoy it as well along with the other team members and coaches. And the head coach Mr. Dressel says “Being DSST MTV’s first ever Esports coach is like a teenage dream come true for me.  When I was in high school, I fantasized about how cool it would be if I could play video games against other schools competitively.  Now we are doing it, and it has been so fun to watch my players improve and learn how to work as a team!” 

If you think that only high schoolers are able to join, you would be wrong. We have multiple students from the middle school joining as well! We encourage anyone who likes video games such as, Super Smash Bros and Rocket League, and has nothing else to do to join the team. If you are a middle schooler reading this, do not feel afraid to join. If you are a high schooler reading this we hope you include any middle schoolers and others into the fun.

As said before, the team is not limited to only Rocket league, starting soon will be Super Smash Bros!! If you like either of these games it would be great if you joined. Once you join you can suggest more games you would like to see played in the future.

If you don’t fully want to commit just join the discord or talk to Mr. Dressel and decide from there if you really want to join the fun. But don’t feel pressured into joining if you don’t want to join.

And as they say, “The more the merrier!” We are glad you read along, and as always have a great day!! 🙂



  1. Rocket league club official discord
  2. Mr. Dressel’s Email: [email protected]
  3. Elan Fleischman