Article on Seline Mesfin & Kai Hicks Interview



Aarah Sisco, to write my perspective of the interview

That feeling of floating or zoning out when you listen to our soulful music, the feeling of home when you smell our food, the way your heart melts when you see the melanin shine like glitter on our skin. It brings a sense of happiness and peace. February is the month that the world acknowledges the importance of Black people and our culture. There was an interview with a student named Seline and one of her teachers who goes by Ms. Hunt. In this interview, Ms. Hunt was asked how she feels about black history month and her response was, “there’s a good side of the coin and a bad side of the coin.” to elaborate more on why this is her perspective is because she feels like black lives should be celebrated because of who we are , not because of the horrible things we had to overcome throughout centuries. Later in the interview Ms. Hunt was also asked if her perspective changed since the influence of the black lives matter movement came from the death of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. Her response was “it hasn’t changed my perspective, it just brought it to life.” Throughout generations, we all had to experience racism in our own way. Some circumstances are worse than others. However, Black history month doesn’t represent that. It represents our culture , our beliefs, our internal talents, and so much more. We shouldn’t focus on the negative and celebrate the fact that we are still here. The month of February represents the celebration of life!