Amariyana Norris on Black History Month


Mahilet Kaufman

As you all know, February is a month of celebrating Black History. Black History Month is an annual observance originating in the United States, where it is also known as African-American History Month. Why was February chosen as a Black History Month? February was chosen as Black History Month, because the birthdays of the esteemed black abolitionists Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln fall during that month. It’s also the month in which the NAACP was founded.

Today you will see the interviews that Amariyana Norris conducted about Black History Month. She interviewed another student asking questions about Black History Month; below you will see the questions Amariyana asked and the answers the student gave.

Question: How do you feel about Black History Month? And why? 

Answer: Everyone should know about it, and it should be acknowledged for what our people in the past have done to change the world.

Question: What do you contribute to Black History Month?  

Answer: By being black, and being proud, and trying to spread awareness to others using social media (Facebook, Instagram etc.)

Question: Do you feel like Black History Month is celebrated through our school?  

Answer: I don’t feel like it is celebrated throughout our school, but it is recognized.

Question: Do you feel like Black History Month can be celebrated differently?

Answer: We could do marches up and down MLK street, and help spread more awareness by having young kids speak on topics that might have not been covered in school, topics they learned growing up.

Question: What do you do as an individual to celebrate Black History Month?  

Answer: Its not a real “celebration” but it is an acknowledgement of when Lincoln abolished slavery, but I do so by going to church.

Question: How do you think Black History Month affects the community within our school and all around? 

Answer: For around the school, it’s recognized, we don’t really have any black teachers to speak on the history;  and it really doesn’t, it just acknowledges that we black people want to be equals with the whites.