Racism In Our Country


Elliot Bowen, Writer

Racism in Our Country Today

What is Racism, racism is prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior. Although many may think racism isn’t around, they are completely wrong and are the ones who do not see the problem in this country. Racism is terrible and has been seen in many occasions recently and in the past. Not only is it white citizens who are racist, it is our police force across the country and even our president. Racism is one of the most terrible and sickening things in our country and nobody has done much to stop this, even the high authority. The United States of America is a place for people to succeed and strive for a better life, or so they say. How can this be America when kids and adults of color are being discriminated against and killed because of their skin color? America is not what they say it is, it is a place where white people think that they are superior. White supremacists and police officers are the problem in this country. They are killing young kids and hurting families. To begin, white supremacy has been around forever and is still around today. White supremacists are the ones who think that whites are better than other races. Recently, there was a lynching of a young man by the name of Ahmuad Arbery by two white supremacists. A 25 year old man was killed while on a run in his home town Georgia. These people are racists and are all around our country and yet nothing has changed. This is only one of the many horrible sequences of white supremacy. Secondly, our police force throughout the country is sickening. They are supposed to protect the community, this means protecting people no matter what race they are, or where they come from. Trayvon Martin was 17 years old and was killed by a security guard in 2012. Just the other day officers killed a man by the name of George Floyd. These are clear signs of racism in our police force in our country today. These people are killed because of what they look like, but America is still a place for freedom and success. All of this does not add up and is the most disappointing thing to see. These are only some of the many cases where racism has occurred. These cases are being talked about for no more than a day and are already trying to be covered up by the government and higher status people in the country. These things need to be talked about and changed for this country to become a real country. The white supremacists and the police officers need to be held accountable and punished severally for what they are doing. Third, our president has done nothing about these terrible things that have happened recently. Donald Trump is a racist and does not care about minorities in America, he is trying to push people out of America. Our president is kicking out people of all backgrounds and races because they are trying to come to America for a better life. These people who he is kicking out are not safe where they come from and they are trying to get a better life. He sees them as terrorist and bad people. How is it that our country, The United States of America, a place of freedom and hard work and success is so terrible and hideous to the people who live there? Racism is still in this country and it is clear, WE NEED CHANGE NOW!