School’s Hard!

Schools Hard!

Cherish Wheeler, Writer

I am feeling stressed. Currently I am missing 30 to 40 assignments, I was missing 60. There is only 1 week of school left. Since online school started, teachers decided that it is best to give us more work. 3 modules per week may not seem like a lot, but when you have 3 for almost every class it’s extremely to much work. I just found out I have to go to school to do my missing work. I believe that is very unnecessary. If I would have known I would have to go to school to be assisted on my missing assignments, I would have just did all my work on time. I might try to just get all my assignments done in these few days I have left, so I won’t have to go. I believe it will be hard, but if I’m really determined, I will get it done. Why does school have to be so hard?