Netflix Reviews II


Tiger King: True King or Measly Peasant? The show that captivated millions is up next for review.

Titus Ramsey’s review:

Honestly, these movies are…weird. Two movies in and I’ve been thinking “what has my life come too?” Seriously, people, I’m contemplating my life choices. Anyway, enough about me. Let’s get started.

Tiger King’s plot was not what I expected at all. From the title, you would think that the movie is mainly centered around tigers and the zoo they are kept in. Not so. The movie is mainly centered around the workers and how their lives have been affected by the jobs they’ve chosen at a tiger zoo. All of the people who work here are considered outcasts; from having only one arm to having literally 50 wives, they are it.  The story revolves around one man who is constantly in the eyes of society, do to the immense amount of casualties by his tigers.  I won’t give away too much, but there is some crazy stuff in here.

In terms of story, this movie is amazing. It follows a strict timeline and gains input from those who have experienced events. However, the plot often changes very quickly and is sometimes confusing. In terms of age targets, this series is not for kids, which is why I’m wondering why I let my friends drag me into this. It deals with some…interesting and serious issues. However, if you like Crime Watchers, then this show is for you. In my opinion, it’s OK. It’s not my cup of tea, as it is about crime, but I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good story. Just beware if you are an animal lover. This show might ruin your image of tigers.

All in all, I give it a 5/10

But, as always make your own reviews. So check out Tiger King out on Netflix today.


Max Parker’s Review:

I am sure a lot of you have heard of Tiger King before and I am sure many of you have watched it already. If not, I recommend you do, and here is why. The show is a documentary on the lives of big cat owners, specifically Joe Exotic, Carol Baskins, and Doc Antle. These people own, breed, and take care of large cats including Tigers, Lions, Panthers, leopards, and a bunch of other stuff normally found in the wild. The show focuses around Carol Baskins and her missing Husband, presumed dead. The main issue people have with Carole is that a lot of them think she was the one who killed her husband, but of course she just plays the victim. There is a strong Hatred between Joe and Carol that is quite amusing to watch. They both hate each other with a passion and feel the other one is doing the wrong think for keeping animals in a cage. But they are both literally doing the same thing, except Joe does not pretend he is a savior. The show goes into the lives of these people and what it is like to own big cats and the backlash they receive. Yet later it focuses on Carols husband and if she did or did not feed him to tigers. I recommend watching the show, as there are many different parts to the story that all connect in a fun and interesting way. Watching these people talk about their lives is also amusing and cool to see how they feel about capturing animals. Overall, the show is pretty good, and if for some reason you have not seen it yet, head on over to Netflix and give it a watch. My rating, 8/10.


Santiago Hernandez’s Review:

It is a story about a “gon-toting, multi-wife gay man with a shotgun.” To be honest it scares me about what humans can do.It is interesting, to say the least and should be watched with a friend, in order to talk about how dumb people are. However, when I watched it by myself it was much less enjoyable, and just scared me. It is captivating, and kind of awesome in it’s own right. The story is interesting, but the treatment of animals is obviously cruel. I would recommend it, but once you turn it on, you cannot stop. You Have been WARNED!