How Quarantine Affects Your Mental Health

keeping a healthy mind set


Daishawn Salazar, Writer and photographer

These times are very difficult and will only get worse for some people. We’ve been in quarantine for about a month now and we will continue to be stuck at home for a while. Being by yourself is very dangerous for a lot of people but this social distancing shouldn’t keep you from see and talking to others. People should find a way to get in contact with their friends and loved ones even if it’s over text or email. Some people may find it very helpful to face time others to get that extra bit of socialization which is a great thing.


Finding things to do at home is very difficult but not impossible. USAtoday gives you 100 ways to stay busy and entertained during this lock down.

I very much would consider taking up a hobby or trying to learn somethings difficult such as a new language.

Even if you won’t be seeing people for a while it is still incredibly crucial that you take care of your body. Don’t eat too many sweats and junk food cause all that stuff is still bad for your body. People should try and take care of their skin and continue to shower because one shower before school starts isn’t going to change how much you stink. Some people will find it very helpful to start a diet or start working out to keep their muscles strong and their mind stronger.

If anyone is suffering with mental health issues or having suicidal thoughts please contact a friend or family member for support. If you do not feel comfortable talking to people you know about your mental health please contact the national suicide prevention hotline 1-800-273-8255. They are available at all times and even if you don’t want to talk over phone they still have chats where you can talk to someone who care about you. Please remember that teachers are still here for you at all times and will always be okay if you come to them with problems that no else will understand.