What to do when Stuck at Home


Emily Anema and Trevor Fai

On January 21st, there was the first recorded case of Covid-19 in the United State of America. Since then, the numbers have only increased, and there is now a stay-at-home order in Colorado. With teen staying home, boredom has increased. Too many days have been spent only laying in bed watching Netflix. When asking Gwyneth Baumgardner how she stays motivated and not bored she answered: “play Fortnite day and night.” When Ethan Teplitzky was asked about the activities he is participating in to keep himself busy in quarantine he stated, “I’ve just been running, playing a bit of soccer, and playing COD with the boys.”

Here are some ideas:

  1. Watch TikToks
  2. Make TikToks
  3. Binge Netflix
  4. Play Fortnite
  5. Try a new craft
  6. Go on a run
  7. Work Out
  8. Practice your sport
  9. Bake
  10. Cook something you’ve never made before
  11. Hang out with your family
  12. Facetime your friends
  13. Sleep
  14. Go to the park
  15. Listen to music
  16. Buy a baby duck
  17. Go on a long drive
  18. Online Shopping
  19. Have lightsaber duels
  20. Try out some DIY life hacks
  21. Try out some new hairstyles
  22. Clean your room
  23. Eat
  24. Practice to be on American Ninja Warrior
  25. Make a smoothie

There are so many things to do while quarantined, so why risk getting the virus by going outside. Remember stay inside and wash your gosh darn hands!