Chapter 3: Mind Wipe

Leah Moore Parson

Chapter 3: Mind Wipe


Marlie did not know what was going to happen to her, nor where they were taking her and the other children. For all she knew, they could’ve been nasty criminals looking forward to do something horrible to them and holding them for ransom. 


“W… what do you think they’re going to do with us?” Uttered one of the children. “I dunno. I just want to go home.” Marlie softly spoke. “What do they want with us? Why did they take us?” He exclaimed.


The pirate riding the beast shouted, “Hey! Stop talking!” 

“Who are you? What do you want with us?” Marlie Questioned the pirate.

“No why’s, no who’s and no where’s. Now be quiet.”


Marlie had no other words to say. The children beside her were quivering. The wind from the night  growing colder and colder. About a few minutes later, they arrived at an abandoned structure. It was crawling with Pirates drinking heavily and laughing with one another.  The beasts land near the cliff side of the hideout. The pirates unstrapped them to the beasts and dragged them to another part of the hideout. 


“Where are you taking us?!” Marlie Asked fearfully.


“Quite, you little scamp.”


Two of the young children were thrown into a small cell. The other child was dragged off to another area. Screaming and wailing. Marlie’s mind was overflowing with horrible thoughts. Imagining what they were going to do with her and the child next to her. The torment they were going to endure. What despicable action that were going to take place in this confined space. Soon enough, the screams got louder and louder, striking fear in both of the children. Marlie closed her eyes and prayed someone would come and find her and rescue her from this horrible place.


The screams eerily gone quiet. They were unsure if the child was murdered or if they calmed down for whatever reason. The child next to Marlie looked at her with a fearful look  and asked,


“What did they do to them?” 


Marlie did not know how to respond.she just looked back in a blank stair and turned her head. The smoke coming out was getting darker and thicker. Soon another pirate came in and opened the cell. Marlie didn’t move an inch at all. They grabbed the child and dragged her off a well.


They were hysterical. Pleading and begging for their captors to let them go. Then the meer shouting became blood-curdling screams. Their screams got louder and louder by the minute. Marlie couldn’t bear the screams for another second. And then, once again, they went eerily quiet. 


Marlie knew she was going to be next, she knew it was going to be painful, but was uncertain if she was going to die or not. She desperately wanted to escape and attempted to encourage her body to move, but the fear inside her was too strong for her to overcome.


The pirate came back for Marlie. Her eyes widened and the smoke from her head got darker. The pirate yanked her and took her to where they took the other two children. Marlie couldn’t even speak or struggle. She just stared blankly at the floor. 


Soon enough, they arrived into a room. The pirate threw Marlie into a chair and tired her wrist to the arm rests. Finally, she  overcomes the fear that paralyzed her and starts struggling. They prepared a device and lit a fire. The flames were an unusual purple color. She was afraid of what was going to happen to her.


“Alright,” The pirate said, placing his hand on Marlie’s head and facing it forward, “I want you to look straight at the light.”


Marlie was afraid of what that thing was going to do to her. She could just imagine the pain she was going to go through. As soon as the flames touched the device, a bright light shined on to her. Marlie screamed in agony and tossed and turned. The pirate fixed her head forward. She wanted to close her eyes but it felt as if the light was forcing her eyes open. Marlie’s vision started to get darker and darker. She then fainted and stopped screaming.




Marlie soon woke up and found herself in another cell. There were many children huddled up next to each other and her copper medal was gone. Their eyes were pure white. They barely showed any smoke coming out of their heads. They moaned and sigh. They’ll never show any signs of consciousness. She heard voices coming towards the cell that she was trapped in. She tried to speak, but she quickly found out that her voice was gone. She looked up and saw two men towering over her. One with a large jacket on him, black leather gloves, and a large collection of jewels wrapped around his neck. The other one had the resemblance of all the other pirates, shredded clothing with a bandanna. 


“This one wasn’t affected, Cappin’. What do you recon’ we should do with ‘em?” The pirate asked. The captain took one glance at Marlie and turned to the pirate.


“Kill her.” he spoke.


Marlie shook her head as the pirate entered the cell. He pulled a knife out of his pocket and shoved her against the wall, inching his knife closer to her throat. Marlie tried her best to keep the knife away to keep him from killing her. The pirate saw the fear in her eyes and her determination to live. He felt pity for Marlie for she was so young, and yet it would be a waste of such a strong soul. He then shifts his knife away from her neck.


“Do you want to die?” He said quietly, “Do you?”


Marlie did her best to shake her head that was against the wall. His grip was almost strong enough to crush her skull.


“Then here is what’s going to happen, you’re going to do exactly what we tell you, otherwise, I’ll make you wish I’ve killed you right now. Got that?”


Marlie nodded and the pirate let go of her head. He locks the cell, leaving her with the horde of young, mindless slaves. Looking out the wooden bars. Marlie just sat there taking in what just happened. Too young to understand what he meant, she told herself that she will do whatever they want to ensure her safety. She sat there, in the cold, cramp space.