My Favorite Food

Liza Gavrilov, Writer


I’ve always loved food and would eat it all the time. That is why I was very fat. At the age of 15 my favorite food has come to be peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The bread has to be toasted on levels 1-3 but not anymore or else the bread gets burnt. My favorite peanut butter brand is JIF <jif>. Creamy not crunchy. The perfect amount of peanut butter would be one table spoon evenly spread on the toasted bread after it has cooled. Then the jelly. On the other piece of bread you spread the strawberry jelly evenly including the edges. 


This magnificent sandwich is my comfort food. Nothing goes better with this sandwich than a cold glass of chocolate milk. Not too much chocolate but not too little to the point where it tastes like regular milk. The metal straw that I used to drink the milk with keeps it cold all the way up until my mouth. The flavors blend perfectly together creating my favorite food and drink.