Syrian desperate running from brutal regime

Ben McCall

The people in Syrian are running for their lives. Over 832,000 thousand people have fled their houses to avoid getting bombed. 832,000 people. Sadly, 832,00 thousand people have had to leave their homes because of war. Not only where they on the run, but they are also running without the proper clothes during the night. The people of Syrian don’t even get the chance to sleep in peace. They’re worried about if they might get hit by a bomb. A BOMB. No one should worry about getting hit by a bomb. It’s sad how 832,000 thousand people have to leave their homes. It’s tragic. What makes it worse is the fact that no one isn’t trying to put an end to it. I think that innocent people don’t deserve this. No. People, in general, don’t deserve this. It’s just sad how so many Syrians have been running away from their homes for their bombs. It makes me realize that the little things going on with me isn’t even that bad. I’m not running away from bombs, I’m not panicking for my clothes and just running outside without my shoes. Not just that, but for 7 hours. 7 hours of running away for death. People need to recognize how good they got it these days. I hope you all have a good day. And guys and gals, be grateful for the people you have and the things you have. That’s all take care.