Ben McCall Hotline ep. 1.2

Ben McCall Hotline ep. 1.2

Ben McCall and Jayla Toledo

Dear Ben,

Okay so before I went to DSST, my so called friends went and told a lie bout me that impacted my entire social status with everyone. I was shut out and lonely for the rest of my 6th grade year. I was wondering what makes people want to spread news that isn’t even real? Why believe one person then anyone else? 

Girl Next Door

The Ben McCall Hotline is happy to welcome guest writer Jayla Toledo to the team. Read her response below. 

Dear Girl Next Door,

First of all if they were really your friends, they would not have told a lie about you.

People say they are your friends but use you for clout.

You have to learn to not get too close to people because not all people are your friends. They can say they are but truly they’re not.

People like to spread fake news because they want clout and they want to be known on the internet but really they are not only ruining your life but also there ruining theirs.

They also like spreading fake news because they don’t really have anything else in their life to do but make people look bad and put others’ life in jeopardy

What you have to do to keep people from spreading things about you is try not to be friends with everyone and don’t tell people things about you because you might think there your friends but they just want to make you look bad and seem like a bad person.